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How to Turn off Glance in Mi: Does it Deserve Another Chance?

Glance in Mi

Ever wondered about the magic that unfolds on your Mi’s smart lock screen? That’s Glance for you! An innovative feature seamlessly integrated into Mi phones, Glance is a charming companion that keeps you connected to the world around you, all without the need to unlock your smartphone. But does Glance genuinely hold the potential to enhance your smartphone experience? 

Let’s embark on an exciting journey to explore the treasure trove of features that Glance has to offer.

Glance on Mi’s smart lock screen

Alt Tag: Glance on Mi’s smart lock screen

Glance: The All-in-One Lock Screen Feature

In the realm of smartphone features, Glance emerged as an excellent functionality feature, offering quick access to information on the smart lock screen. Glance brings essential information such as date, time, weather updates, and notifications on the smart lock screen. You don’t need to unlock your device each time to get all this information. Glance enhances convenience by portraying informative visuals, short story videos, sports lives, news updates, and live shopping deals on Mi’s smart lock screen. 

Many users ask how to turn off the Glance in Mi. However, it is critical to know about the wide range of often overlooked features which can enhance overall user experience. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of having Glance in Mi Phones. We also deliver guidance on how to turn off the Glance in Mi phones and alternative options. 

Let’s examine Glance’s features and make a perfect decision about whether it deserves another chance.

What is the Glance Smart Lock Screen in Mi phones?

Glance is a pre-installed feature on Mi’s smart lock screen that delivers quick access to important information directly from your lock screen. It portrays vital details such as date-time, weather information, news, live sports updates, Live deals on various websites, and short story videos without unlocking your smartphone. 

Glance leverages AI, delivering personalised content on your lock screen. Glance caters to your preferences across multiple categories on a smart screen, from news to trending videos. You can even explore content in your local language for a customised experience.

Weighing the Benefits of Glance Before Turning off

Glance equips numerous benefits in Mi smartphones. 

  • It offers an effortless, time-saving solution to check meaningful information and eliminates the need to navigate various apps. 
  • Whether checking the time and date, or continuous notification updates, Glance seeks to streamline your smart-device experience. 
  • By Glance, you can continuously scroll down relevant visuals for entertainment or get information without unlocking Smartphones.
  • Glance offers a child lock option for your smartphone. Therefore, you can take away your child from your phone. It allows features such as turning on battery or data saver modes, so you do not have to worry about battery drain.

Consider these benefits before turning off Glance, as it may contribute to more convenient and efficient Glance usage on smart lock screens.

Evaluation of Glance features in Mi phones

Do you know how Glance evaluates the unique features of smartphones and how they are helpful? If not, let’s discuss it. Many users have discovered Glance is a valuable addition to their smartphone experience. Users relish the quick key to getting meaningful information, allowing them to be constantly updated without having the need to unlock the phone each time. 

The Glance feature in Mi phones has undergone rigorous evaluation to ensure its importance and user satisfaction. Many users have praised Glance’s ability to provide relevant information, such as personalised recommendations, weather updates, and news headlines, right on the smart lock screen. Glance’s seamless integration and convenience have garnered positive feedback from Mi phone users.

In general, the evaluation of Glance features in Mi phones suggests a balance between user fulfilment and areas for refinement to enhance user experience and address potential cons of Glance. From these different perspectives, we can consider whether Glance should be given another opportunity to prove its worth or require more improvements.

Why Should You Never Turn off Glance in Mi Phone?

Convenience and Efficiency 

Glance provides instantaneous access to a plethora of information, making your smartphone experience more streamlined. This convenience can save you valuable time, as you do not need to unlock your phone to catch up on the latest news or check your notifications. By keeping Glance activated, your lock screen becomes an information hub that keeps you updated and efficient.

Data Accessibility and Transparency 

Glance can help you better manage notifications by providing snapshots on your lock screen. This transparency lets you know the messages you receive without unlocking your phone. By keeping Glance turned on, you ensure you never miss out on important notifications while maintaining privacy suitable for your needs.

Battery Life and Performance 

Glance’s intelligent lock screen design refreshes information without excessively draining your battery. Contrary to common misconceptions, Glance has been optimised to balance providing updated content and conserving battery life. Keeping Glance active allows you to enjoy a vibrant, ever-changing lock screen without significantly impacting your phone’s performance or battery life.

How To Turn Off Glance in Mi: Step by Step Process 

In this easy-to-follow guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to turn off Glance. This instruction will allow you to customise your Mi lock screen and tailor it to your preferences.

Step 1 of how to turn off Glance in Mi: Accessing Lock Screen Settings

To initiate, unlock your Mi phone and navigate the “Settings” app. Look for the “Lock Screen & Password” option and tap this button.

Accessing Lock Screen Settings

Alt Text: Step 1 of how to turn off Glance in Mi: Accessing Lock Screen Settings

Step 2 of how to turn off Glance in Mi: Disabling Glance

Scroll your lock screen settings until you find the “Glance for Mi” or “Lock Screen Widgets” option. Tap on it to access the Glance settings. Here, you’ll find the option to turn off Glance.

Glance in Mi

Alt Text: Step 2 of how to turn off Glance in Mi: Disabling Glance

Step 3 of how to turn off Glance in Mi: Toggle Off Glance 

Once you’ve accessed the Glance settings, you’ll see a toggle switch next to the Glance feature. Simply tap on the toggle switch to turn off Glance. You may receive a confirmation prompt, which you can confirm by selecting “Disable” or “Turn Off.”

Toggle Off Glance

Alt Text: Step 3 of how to turn off Glance in Mi: Toggle Off Glance  

Step 4 of how to turn off Glance in Mi: Enjoy Your Customised Lock Screen

You have successfully removed Glance from your Mi’s smart lock screen.

Key Prospects – Why Should You Reconsider Glance in Mi?

Before considering how to turn off the Glance in Mi Phones, we’d like to present explanations for you to reconsider and continue adopting this unique feature.

Time-Saving Amenity 

Glance offers quick access to important information without fully unlocking your Mi phone. This time-saving feature lets you stay up-to-date with glance features, eliminating the annoyance of navigating various apps.

Immediate Information at Your Fingertips 

With Glance in Mi phones, you can simply view dates, times, weather updates, news headlines, and notifications on your smart lock screen. It offers a convenient way to stay informed without disturbing your working time or daily activities.

Visual Appeal and Customisation 

Glance allows rapid access to visually attractive elements, depicting vibrant images and intuitive designs on your lock screen. Moreover, you can customise Glance to suit your preferences, allowing you to customise your lock screen experience.

Customised Recommendations 

A glance goes above basic information and delivers customised recommendations based on your usage patterns and preferences. Whether proposing relevant apps, events, or news articles, Glance tailors the content to improve your smart device experience.

Allows customising Language option 

The fantastic thing is that you can select your preferred language and personalise your viewing experience accordingly. As we know, Glance is available in vital countries, that’s why it allows customised languages beyond English. You can opt for Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and more!

Allows customising Language option

Alt Tag: Allows customising Language option 

Battery Optimisation

Glance optimises battery usage to showcase necessary visuals while conserving battery life. It ensures that your lock screen experience stays top-notch while maximising the efficiency of your smartphone. It can minimise unnecessary wake-ups and screen activations; a Glance helps maintain the longevity of your Mi’s battery.

Considering these climactic possibilities, turning off Glance on your Mi phone is worth it. Glance offers many advantages, including time-saving convenience, instant access to information, personalised recommendations, effortless planning, and visual appeal. Give Glance a chance to enhance your smartphone usage before asking  How to turn off Glance in Mi phones.

Glance Deserves Another Chance – Is It True?

Why does Glance deserve another chance? This question arises in all your minds, right? Glance is not your smartphone’s ordinary wallpaper; it’s multi-functionality features that offer an immersive experience on your Mi’s smart lock screen. Glance provides instant live information, fashion updates, news, sports updates, and entertainment without the hassle of continuous swiping and scrolling.

if you have worries about Glance using up your data and draining your battery,  don’t worry! Glance is designed to be safe and efficient, so it won’t excessively use your data or cause your battery to drain quickly.

Wrapping Up on How to Turn Off Glance in Mi

In conclusion, Glance, integrated into Mi phones, revolutionises the user experience by transforming your lock screen into a window to the world. With its ability to provide a variety of information instantly, from news updates to personalised recommendations, it offers undeniable convenience. Concerns about battery drain and data usage are mitigated by Glance’s design, which balances vibrant content updates and power efficiency. 

However, if you prefer a serene lock screen, the steps can guide you in disabling Glance. Despite this, we strongly recommend giving Glance another chance due to its numerous advantages, like time-saving features, customised recommendations, and visually appealing designs. Ultimately, the decision to use or disable Glance hinges on personal preference and our guide is designed to help you make an informed choice about your Mi smartphone experience.

Glance is not just a simple feature but a powerful tool that changes how you interact with your phone. Its ability to present live sports updates, weather forecasts, news headlines, and personalised recommendations straight on your lock screen ensures you stay updated and engaged with minimal effort. It’s also designed to offer localised content in multiple languages, making it a truly global feature. Additionally, its child lock option and battery optimisation further improve the user experience. The aesthetic appeal and visual diversity Glance brings to your lock screen make every interaction unique and exciting. Therefore, Glance is more than just a convenient feature – it’s a strategic ally in making your smartphone experience richer and more dynamic.


Q1. What is Glance on Mi phones?

Glance is a pre-installed feature on Mi’s smart lock screen that offers quick access to important information. Without unlocking your smartphone, it displays date, time, weather information, news, live sports updates, live shopping deals, and short story videos. Glance uses AI to deliver personalised content on your lock screen, even catering to your local language preferences for a customised experience.

Q2. How can I turn off Glance on Mi phones?

To turn off Glance on your Mi phone, navigate to the “Settings” app. Then, tap on the “Lock Screen & Password” option. Scroll down until you tap the “Glance for Mi” or “Lock Screen Widgets” option. This will lead you to the Glance settings, where you will find a toggle switch next to the Glance feature. Tap on this switch to turn off Glance.

Q3. Why should I consider keeping Glance on my Mi phone?

Glance provides several advantages, such as offering quick access to critical information, saving time and effort, and eliminating the need to unlock your phone constantly. It provides personalised recommendations based on your usage patterns and preferences. Moreover, Glance optimises battery usage while providing visually attractive and informative content on your lock screen. It’s designed to offer localised content in multiple languages, making it a global feature. Therefore, Glance can enhance your smartphone experience significantly.

Q4. Does Glance drain my battery or use excessive data?

Glance is designed to optimise battery usage and data so it does not excessively drain your battery or use too much data. It balances delivering vibrant content updates and conserving battery life and data. The aim is to provide a rich, engaging lock screen experience without negatively impacting your phone’s performance.