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Why you should Download Vidmate?


Vidmate is one of the newest apps that are here to challenge the dominance of web apps like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Vidmate allows its user to view and download unlimited videos without charging any costs. Vidmate works on the idea of social sharing, which allows its users to seamlessly view videos and download them for free. The servers provided by Vidmate are quite strong and always provides its users with high speeds. As a result, the users of the app never complaint about buffering or low downloads speeds. The network protocol that the app uses allows it to transmit data at high speeds between its users and the servers.

Vidmate is not only a video streaming app but also a video broadcasting app. Users can broadcast their live feed through the app to the Vidmate community. The strong network connection between the server and user allow seamless broadcasting of the content. The live feed is broadcasted in high quality with almost no delay. The UI of the app is seamless and is quite easy to navigate even for the new users. The large button icons make it easy for the user of any age group to easily view and download the video of their choice. The App’s makers have made sure that your data stays secure, and have made taken various steps to make sure that it stays protected even when there is a security breach.

Vidmate App free download is available on vidmate.com, the app’s official website. Since the mobile application is available exclusively to Android phone users, they can download the app without having to create an account. This app isn’t available on the traditional Google Play Store, as downloading from the said store requires the user to make an account with Google. However, downloading Vidmate through their website is easy and requires no account.

Free and Unlimited Downloads

The Vidmate app offers its users free and unlimited video downloads in any format and in any size. The app supports a number of downloadable extensions like.MP4, .3GP, MPG, FLV etc. The users can also download the video in whatever size they like- having many options such as 360, 480 and 720 ppi to choose from. Also, since the app is downloadable only on the Android platform, people can also use this app on their PCs or laptops by downloading the Bluestacks App. The functionality of the Vidmate app hardly changes when using in Bluestacks, and continues to offer its users unlimited video and audio downloads.       

People don’t have a very fast connection can also use this app to download videos at fast speeds. The app has the option which when enabled, tunnels the mobile phone’s entire available bandwidth into the app, so the user gets fast downloading speed when using the app.

Vidmate app offers its users millions of videos, songs and movies to choose from. And since the entire content is downloadable, you can save it to watch later. The app comes from the hard work of a trusted company that values the data of their users and makes sure their users get the benefits of a top class video streaming app.