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8 Incredible Advantages of Vidmate


The internet culture has transformed the platform for watching videos for majority of population. It has now become an alternative for the television box and allows people to connect to any video they want through their phones or laptops with just an internet connection. There are multiple videos or various platforms and huge number of people who generate video content. They serve their audience with ample of content, but the only restriction to their binge watching is the speed of the network. Networks, when strong, would give you a pleasant watching experience but if you are in a low network area, the video will start buffering.

To solve this problem, Vidmate – the video downloading app is your right destination. The mobile application for downloading video allows you to enjoy multiple advantages like –

– No buffering

The biggest and primary advantage that Vidmate offers you is experiencing video watching without buffering or halting. You could stream to any video after downloading, without an internet connection on your phone. There is no space of unwanted breaks while watching a video, downloaded through Vidmate.

– Small-sized

The Vidmate mobile app has designed keeping in mind need of today’s population. Heavy applications do not interest any of you therefore Vidmate is a Small-sized application. It occupies only 11mb space in your device.

– Easy to use

The app becomes more attractive when it is easily accessible. Vidmate apps has based on user-friendly interface that allows experience of users of the app, easy and convenient.

– Compatible to all apps

Compatibility is one major advantage of Vidmate downloading app. There are some applications that allow you to save the video off-line where many of them restrict the viewer to store the video. Vidmate allows you to download videos from all platforms, regardless of their server restrictions; you would be able to get access to any video from any app or website using Vidmate.

– Enables sharing

Vidmate allows you to share videos on multiple platforms. You must have come across a situation where you likes a video on Facebook and wanted to share it on YouTube or your WhatsApp story but could not do it because of restriction of the app. Vidmate allows you to share the videos and upload it on multiple platforms.

– Download in any format

Vidmate app enables you to download videos in different format. Your favourite video viewing app might not support videos in all formats but that’s not the case in Vidmate mobile application. You can use to any format of video easily.

– Multiple devices

Although Vidmate is a video downloading mobile app but you could download it on multiple devices. The application is compatible with any device, be it a computer or laptop, you could download it easily on them and get access to buffering free video.

– Fast downloading

Vidmate allows you to speed up your video downloading to 200% more than other applications. It allows you to have full control over the video downloading. You could pause and resume downloading according to your wish. You could also track the progress of your video downloading.