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Best Uses of IP Geo Location for Retail Marketing Improvement


The increase in mobile ownership has a significant impact on retail marketing. It helps in targeting potential customers with the help of ip geolocation. The technological developments have enabled the accurate real-time tracking of a person’s location. The uses of ip geolocation helps in enhancing online retail marketing experience in different ways which are enumerated below:

1. Marketing products based on customer location

During offline shopping, people make purchases that are relevant to their locality. This gives rise to the need for analyzing the location even during the online retail marketing. The ip geolocation and retail marketing combined presents the shoppers with relevant products. Instead of just selling products online, the focus is on consumer loyalty through content localization. So, the online-retailers send push notifications, offers, and coupons to the target customers.

2. Geo-targeting services

Google, MSN, and Yahoo make this service available to online retailers. It helps the retailers in ensuring the local level resource allocation. The placement of ads can be done in the best way to target the customers based on their country, state, city, and ZIP code. With the use of Google AdWords’ income location targeting, geotargeting is possible. This is done on the basis of income levels zip code. This helps online retailers in creating a good impression on customers.

3. Uses of IP Geolocation for earning better dividends

This is very helpful in identifying real, potential customers. One of the uses of geolocation is that retailers are able to know about their own or their competitors’ brand stores which the customers are visiting. They can also develop strategies to delight customers. This can be accomplished by knowing their preferences based on their location. It has made the retailers’ expansion of the reach, cost-efficient.

4. IP Geolocation and Retail Marketing

Retail Marketing

Before purchasing anything online or offline, people rely on the internet for information and research. According to Forbes, smartphones influence the buying decision of 82% customers in the store. Similarly, 62% of the customers are able to solve an unexpected problem because of it.

Only a good website is not enough for increasing sales. Those retailers who make use of ip geolocation in retail marketing are able to retain customers. They are able to create an instant connection with them. This technology meets the demands of the customers based on their geographical location. It also enables local level interaction just like offline shopping.

5. Ensuring customers better risk management through IP intelligence

IP intelligence and IP geolocation help the retail marketing organizations

to bring offline decision-making factors to the e-commerce field also. It helps in finding various information about online shoppers as well as visitors. This includes location, the e-merchants whom they serve, content and promotion on a real-time basis. It creates a good impression on the visitors, which enhances the site visits in the future.

The use of IP intelligence saves customers from fraud through real-time authentication checkpoint. It lets the e-trailers spot any kind of suspicious activities and helps online retailers to generate high sales, identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

As retailers plan their marketing, using geolocation should be one of their top considerations for how to reach customers and improve their profits throughout the year.