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Business Competent with the Cloud

Business Competent with the Cloud

Businesses that ran online are one of the few companies that needed to have an extreme look out on their website, social media, and stuffs— everything that involves online. Or let us say internet marketing and managing.

Basically, it is not just enough to be present online, it is also important that you consider stepping up in a more strategic way of endorsing and promoting your business— plus that also includes having all the necessary online security measures, insurance, back up services on your files and data and of course in making sure your customers are with the utmost attention.

After all,  business online is growing and so are you. Today, let’s learn a thing or two on iSeries Cloud and why you needed it.

The Benefits:

 The cloud is the place information goes. It allows cloud service providers multiple server locations to connect to on the fly. Basically, prior to going to the whole system flow of your website and social media sites, every information, every bit of it, comes through the cloud first.

Which is why it is important that you know what makes i Series cloud beneficial to your business. The software stored on these servers can be downloaded quickly to anyone who has the right login information. This is one of the strong appeals of the cloud.

Here are also some of the advantages:

  • There is a lower cost for capital when purchasing computer systems and software
  • Lower operating costs
  • Outsourcing maintenance and software updates can be less expensive than having employees in-house
  • The scalability for increased or decreased teams is nearly immediate
  • Latest software updates are immediately available
  • It is a long term investment. No need to purchase and upgrade hardware every couple of years

The Customer Comes First:

In creating and building a digital insurance platform, it does not only helps the insurance company collect needed information in a quick and proficient manner but easier for the customer. With the use of iSeries cloud, customers  and users can easily access their accounts at any time and find information about upcoming dates

Claims can be processed more effectively and applied to the digitized insurance data to perform necessary metrics. Not only that this manages the in and out of a conversation between the company and the customer but it also makes sure that all of the important and confidential information of the client is highly secured.


The cloud can help insurance companies realize this potential. The big data collected can be used to personalize quotes and rates to the individual. Cloud service providers can help insurance companies with an extended data protocol to initiate a more intense atmosphere for clients.

Personalizing can help an insurance agency to:

  • avoid offering services to a client who already has the product
  • keep unwanted mail from reaching the client based on their preferences
  • offer better recommendations to services or incentives based on lifestyle

use these aspects to help with dedicated rates directly geared for an individual client.