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How To Download Vidmate 2018 Version On Your Device?


Though there are so many platforms that boast to grab online contents from the popular portals like YouTube, Vidmate has changed the way of getting videos from such sites. In fact, not just videos but also a huge range of assortments like music, films, live TV programs, shows, serials plus much more. if you are the one who is living with a boring life, then Vidmate has the ability to fill vibrant colors of entertainment. Moreover, during the past days, many people ought to spend money on watching online media contents on your mobile. And also, you can get huge pleasure once you have grabbed videos and enjoy gazing them offline anytime. Instead of just availing videos, there are so many things can do with the vidmate app.

With the help of this smart submission, you will be at ease to get huge happiness on creating memes. And also, you can able to share the created memes directly on the social media page. Further, you will fetch a chance to avail music format from a video file. It could be possible with the help of the in-built media player. Alongside, you can able to grab even HD videos and films with the help of Vidmate 2018. On the other hand, the vidmate app helps you to enjoy videos according to your convenience. Simple in words, the resolutions and formats of any video can be decided on your own. As a whole, you can able to discover such a faster submission like vidmate.

How To Download Vidmate 2018 On Your Device?

In order to enjoy the vidmate 2018 submission on your handset, you need to perform the download process as possible. While fetching this trendy app, you ought to grasp only the source file from the third party store 9apps.

  • First and foremost visit the official website of 9apps.com
  • Type and go into the name of the input in the top of the hunt bar like “Vidmate 2018”
  • Wait for a while, then the screen will display some relevant links
  • Open the link in order to grab the source file on your handset
  • Hit it off on the “Download” button
  • The application is then routinely stored in your SD card
  • After that, you need to perform some alterations on the Settings menu
  • Now, then go to <Security> options
  • After that, you have to enable <Unknown sources> which are near under “Device Administration”
  • The, look for the apk file to execute the installation process
  • Agree to the conditions and terms by providing tick mark
  • Finally, get huge pleasure by availing vidmate submission on your mobile


From the above stuff, it is cleared that everybody loves to online media files, right? But, the big thing is that go for the one which suits your downloading needs. If so, then no one will offer such huge amusement activities like vidmate app. just try the submission atleast once and sure the relevance never let you down at any cause. That is why many people would stick on their handset anytime.