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How To Improve Your Instagram Presence


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Instagram is one of the most used and popular social media applications all over the world today. Because of that, a lot of business establishments and industries have turned to this Facebook-owned app as one of their platforms for online marketing. Apart from that, Instagram is also extremely easy to use,and it also has a large audience of various demographic which makes it a perfect place to practice healthcare marketing.

Mainly, the app focuses on video and photo sharing online, but you can do so much more than that. While the app’s interface is easy, Instagram has a different way of sharing your posts. However, there are a few tricks of the trade which have proved to be extremely beneficial to learn.

Below are six tips you can consider learning to improve your relevance in the Insta-world. But if you prefer someone else takes care of this for you, try enlisting professional healthcare marketing from Online Marketing For Doctors to help you.

  • Optimized Photos

Since Instagram focuses on photos and videos, you need to make sure that you have high-quality ones for posting. Apart from that, they should be interesting, attention-grabbing, and as clear as you can get them to be. Most companies would rely on high-resolution stock images to use for a post since it’s quick and easy. However, you can also opt to take the photos yourself or by a professional so it can be more personal. You also have the option to use different photo editing software and application to boost your photos further.

  • Frequent Posting

For you to receive the highest engagement possible, you need to post at least twice a day on Instagram. Depending on your audience and target demographic, choose certain times which will get the most amount of activity such as views, likes, and comments. While Instagram doesn’t support third-party services to schedule your posts as of the moment, you can opt to set reminders for yourself or your staff to manually post on Instagram instead.

  • Hashtags

The hashtag became a thing for Instagram as it allowed people to search whatever they want without having to be too specific. Since then, hashtags have been helping people market their posts on the app. To use a hashtag effectively, make sure to keep relevant to the image or video you are posting.

  • Captions

Even though Instagram is all about the media, you still need to make use of proper captions. For this, be straightforward and opt for shorter captions than full-on paragraphs. If you want to post something longer, put the link of where they can find the original or the entire content in your website. You can hire an SEO consultant Sydney like Result Driven SEO to help you create amazing captions that will boost your Instagram presence.

  • Follow For Follow

Unless you’re a celebrity or a public figure, you need to be following other people for you to grow your followers as well. Plus, it shows that you have emotional intelligence since you care for other Instagram users too.

  • Advertise

Recently, Instagram allowed advertisement posts which aim to help boost small and large businesses. This is especially great if you’re only starting to build your Instagram account. However, take note that you’ll need to use Facebook’s ad platform for you to advertise on Instagram.

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Final Word

If you need to grow your audience, using social media sites such as Instagram will benefit you more than you think. Make sure to consider these tips above when you decide to start or enhance your Instagram account.