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Why Are You Not Getting Media Attention You Want


It usually happens that when you post something on the post, the people there don’t react like what you hoped for. For example, I posted a quotation on my timeline and was expecting that I will get 50-60 likes and 5-6 comments on it.

But there I got nothing that which I expected. This might be because my post was not catchy to grab the attention of the people or the content was out related.

If you have experienced the same then this is not to worry about because you are not alone. Many people are on the same boat. Says https://newswirenext.com/ CEO Thapa.

To irrelevant contacts:

Maybe the story you are posting will be interesting for you and you think that others will appreciate it too. But nothing happens as same as you expect. You need to make sure that it is being discussed with the people who have interest in that subject matter.

Inappropriate time:

For example that you want to share the festival greeting on your wall and you are posting it after it is celebrated than there are fewer chances of people to look at it because people probably have received the content before your post. Say Roger from http://www.edcalmedia.com/

Irrelevant post:-

Sending a journalist with an article which has no correlation with the expertise, will not help you in your updated stories.

Not grabbing Attention:-
If your content stands out from the outline emails that journalists get every day then it will grab attention but if correlate with the same format than the people or journalists will not pay attention to it.

Not on their Radar:-

You cannot make a relationship with every journalist out there, but you should select few so you may have the choice of picking them and they can give you the priority when you do send them relevant mail or work.

Not targeted:-

Since everyone has a different viewpoint so there can be a situation where you targeted will not be achieved by you. Research media outlet Is very important for this purpose.

Not interesting or useful:-
Make sure that your blog or article which you are writing or working on will be interesting to the audience. Otherwise, they have this choice to consider it irrelevant and not interesting. The viewers will not pay attention to it then.

Journalists like to get pitched most of the time. For this, they have to make a quick decision and start work on it. The media and viewers are always looking for a unique material therefore, they rate the good content and viewers like to watch it. Viewers do watch that thing that stands out from the daily crowd. And yes it Is good to give a SHOUT OUT to your site when you grab the public and media attention.


If you are passionate about what you are doing but not being appreciated by the way you should be then don't get disappointed. You are not alone in the race. Those who have built their business to fame they also had faced such difficulties.