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3 Most Popular Speeches You Must Watch

Popular Speeches You Must Watch

Do you think that a speech can change your life? Well, the truth is yes. There are so many speeches out there that have become so popular and are adored by everyone because of the impact they make on the listeners. Once you check out these video speeches, you are surely going to feel elevated and inspired and well-informed.

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J.K. Rowling: Harvard University

Everybody knows that .K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series was rejected by various publishers before it finally got accepted. But before her success, she was in a terrible situation and was on the edge of bankruptcy. Despite continuous rejection, she kept on trying and finally the efforts paid off. Her Harvard speech delivered a few valuable life lessons related to not fearing failure and adamant no matter how bad things may get. If you have not listened to this video speech then you must do it right after reading this post. It would definitely help you sail through whatever condition you are going through.

Steve Jobs: Stanford University

It is one of the most amazing and greatest inspirational speeches! In the commencement speech, Jobs talks about how he dropped out of college after six months, then he took up another eighteen months to find out what exactly his life’s work would be. He has to quit the college because the parents were struggling financially and he failed to see the value in an education that was tiring his parent’s life savings.

The speech delivered by him has talked of the setbacks in life, encompassing death, and how staying aware of death can help anyone make up better choices in life. At the time, Jobs was actually dying of pancreatic cancer and his motivational words on the significance of acquiring knowledge and following your dreams was the finest life lesson he might bestow upon the graduates. You would surely feel inspired and get some amazing lessons from this video speech of this great personality.

Tony Robbins: TED Talk

Tony Robbins is one of the most loved and motivational speakers around. His TED talk is specifically inspirational. The topic, “Why We Do What We Do,” asks two main questions; what drives you? What inspires you to do the daily tasks? By asking yourself these questions you are able to explore yourself and appreciate others. The way he puts points and the elaborations he gives; everything motivates and inspires you to dig deeper into yourself and find out what you can do.


Thus, you should definitely check out these video speeches and you would love them for sure!These video speeches are going to help you sail through your tough times, make you a better person and give you answers of many questions that you might have in your mind.