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For any business in the 21stcentury it is extremely essential to stay in the loop when it comes to technology. No matter what the nature of the business is, it must be connected to the world of technology. From a business that sells greeting cards to a business that sells cars, they have a need. The needs may differ as some might only need to store basic customer data to maintain their sale records whereas some might need to have a bit more extensive set of information which covers any sort of credit card information or any sort of background check that would have been required at the time of purchase, such as when purchasing a car. Or buying reoccurring insurance for said car.

Unwanted Risks

As the need for having technology is increasing in business sectors, the unwanted risks are increasing as well. There are a lot of risks involved, depending on the nature of the organization, different threats are involved. As not all five fingers are created equal, so is the technology, some technology is made to help better the performance and reduce stress, some is created to hack in to the company’s database. Malware is getting stronger not just by day by day but by every passing second. And if you are smart enough to defeat the virus coming for your precious data, there are human hackers at work as well, who operate freely and are most of the time simply just untraceable.  

Common Threats

The most common threat nowadays is the one that comes from phone calls. Nowadays, there are people who have dedicated their time and energy towards getting sensitive business and personal information using fake personas. They call up the target and impersonate a bank employee or someone from fraud prevention team, they will make a story that involves the clients account being suspected of a hack and or to “verify the account”. These impostors will sound so confident and professional that people fall for it.

How to save the information

Here is where this help comes in. Check-Caller helps you trace who is behind the number that has called you. There are over 160 million names there that can help you identify the caller. Will be able to help you recognize if the call from your “bank” is in fact from your bank.

There are over 25 million visitors on the site, making a great community to find information on phone numbers. One can not only look up numbers but also can give comments and read other people experiences on the provided phone calls and messages.

While visiting check-caller, one can see that they have a large community of like-minded people who are set to not only keep their own business safe but also, help others keep theirs safe against these vultures. Scammers call and ask for bank card numbers, which honestly should be the first big red flag. No bank official will ever call and ask for your long card number let alone your pin or the security digits on the back of the card.