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How to Tell When Your Computer Needs Repair


Even though most people use computers every day, other than the very obvious times, very few of us understand when a computer needs repair. What computers are electronic and electrical devices and just like any other devices that fit this description, computers need regular care in order to make sure that they operate as desired. Here’s some ways that you can tell when your computer unit need’s servicing.

It Has Been Longer than One Year

Computer hardware is updated constantly to keep up with the needs of customers who demand faster computers that allow them to get their work done quicker. As a result there is constantly new computer hardware coming out. This computer hardware generally will fit into older computers allowing them to operate more quickly, with less problems, and run more smoothly overall.

When you take your computer in for service, the computer repair technician will also check your system to make sure that it has the latest Hardware updates. If not, the technician will recommend that you upgrade your computer to improve its speed and functionality. For this reason it is important to take your computer to a repair technician on an annual basis.

It Slows Down

Overtime computers will slow down. This is generally due to a combination of software and hardware issues and the root of the problem will only be able to be diagnosed buy a computer repair technician. Your unit may require computer repairs, need cleaning, or need software updates in order for it to function better. If the speed of your computer decreases significantly you should call your computer repair technician and have him service your computer units. The result will be increased efficiency and I’m more smoothly operating computer.

It Starts Making Strange Sounds

Properly functioning computers are silent. You may occasionally hear the hard drive come on and go off, but even this noise should be intermittent. You may also hear a slight whirr from the computer fans, but here again if the sound is overwhelming, it is an indication that your fans need replacing. If you hear any strange sounds coming from your computer, this includes pops, pings, grinding and such, this is an indication that your computer needs repairs. You should turn it off immediately and call a computer repair technician.

You Smell or See Smoke Coming From the Computer

You should never smell or see smoke coming from your computer. If you do, this is an indication that there is a serious problem with the unit. Turn it off immediately and call the computer repair technician to come service your computer. Computers are electrical devices and anytime there is smoke, it means that something is burning inside the computer that should not be. Do not take any chances when you see smoke, take the safe route which is calling a professional to help discover the problem.