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Wearable Devices are Changing the Face of Mobile Applications: Here’s How

Wearable Devices are Changing the Face of Mobile Applications Here’s How

The introduction of wearables to the world was revolutionary, as it opened up a new area in mobile app development. It also uses different types of scanning and sensory technology, which you normally don’t find in mobile phones. As a result, the number of benefits wearables has to industries such as media, fitness, and healthcare is incredible.

At the same time, it is also changing the face of mobile applications. Here are a few ways which indicate wearables are the harbingers of change:


Due to the size of the screen on wearable devices, app developers have to take a different approach when it comes to app development. They need to focus on functionality over everything else to make up for the lack of real estate.

Developers are coming with innovative ways for users to interact with their apps. Rather than typing, users can use voice commands, an effective and efficient way of interaction. Similarly, the developers have added swiping and tapping.

Power consumption

One of the biggest complaints smartphone users have about their devices is the battery size. They want to ensure that their mobile phones last for at least a day on average before they charge it.

Wearable devices come with smaller batteries due to their form factor. App developers don’t have the luxury of releasing apps without extensive testing for power consumption. They have to ensure that their apps consume the least amount of power, to extend the battery life of wearable devices.


Chip manufacturer such as Qualcomm is yet to release their latest chipset for wearable devices. Due to the aging chipset, app developers cannot release apps which consume a large number of resources.

Developers now have to build apps which are lightweight, allowing the wearable devices to load them with minimal delay. At the same time, they are making the apps as responsive as possible to ensure users continue to use them.

Screen size

Screen size is one of the biggest factors which is changing the face of mobile applications. These days, the average size of smartphones is increasing, as manufacturers release devices with large displays.

On the other hand, there is a limitation to how far the manufacturers can stretch the size of the screen in wearable devices. Developers have to make the most of the given screen size, by displaying only relevant and important information to users.

These are the four ways wearable devices are changing the face of mobile applications!

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