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Modern intercoms – safety, convenience and comfort


However, the intercoms have completely evolved from the models we know from the 1990s. Today’s intercoms are multi-purpose devices which increase home security, and ensure comfort and convenience. What are modern intercoms characterized by and what models are the most popular today?

The highest image and sound quality

Intercoms often provided (to put it mildly) very poor sound quality. Often you had to shout to be understood by the other person. Fortunately, these times are a thing of the past, because modern intercoms have excellent sound quality parameters. Why is the sound quality so good? The secret lies in the high-quality components that pick up sound very accurately. Thanks to this, it is possible to conduct an understandable conversation even when there is quite a lot of background noise, e.g. from the street. New models have crystal-clear sound that is free from distortions, which we know so well from previous generations of intercoms. Today’s intercoms are often equipped with cameras, therefore they are often referred to as video door communicators. HD cameras provide a clear and stable video transmission, thanks to which you can see your guest very well. Some intercoms also have the Night Vision option. This allows you to constantly observe what is happening outside your door, even in the middle of the night. Such an intercom ensures a high level of home security because you can identify intruders at any time.

Which intercom brands are the most popular today?

When it comes to the most popular brand of video door communicators, the Czech company 2N is undoubtedly the leader in this industry. 2N has been on the market for over 20 years, which means that the company has extensive experience in the production of high-quality electronic equipment. Their intercoms are known for their excellent parameters as well as affordable price, which is why 2N’s popularity is constantly growing.

If you are looking for the highest quality, do not hesitate to choose 2N!