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Ways to improve your business’s social media profile within an hour


It may be ironic of how much time people spend on their social media accounts,but not for online businesses. In fact, it is a boon for such businesses. They can promote, use and make profit through the social media that people depend on so much. Social media was a mode of entertainment and connecting with people. Today it is one of the major platforms where all kinds of businesses flourish. The better your social media is, the more you will be gaining through it.

So,it is not just important to have social media accounts for your business, but to optimize these accounts to attract more people. Social media marketing in India may seem easy, but you must do it right to gain profits. If your social media profile isn’t updated, you will be losing out on many prospective deals. Update your profile now as it will take less time than you imagine.

Here are some handy tips to improve your social media profile within an hour –

Consistency –

There are many social media platforms, and you might obviously be on many of them. What you will have to do is maintain a consistency in all of these platforms. Whether it is the profile picture or the ‘about’ description, everything must be the same on all the platforms. You cannot say one thing on one page and another thing on some other page. This will help your viewers to recognize your business easily. You can probably use a logo as your constant profile picture. From what you post to what pictures you put up, you must maintain a consistency in the materials and thoughts across all your social media accounts.

Right size –

Along with the right image, the right sized image is also important. Optimize your profile picture on all channels. The photo must be of the proper dimensions as recommended by the platforms. After the size of the picture is optimized, survey which picture is more influential and use it.

Untag –

Tagging yourself on relevant content is important. But, more important is untagging yourself from unwanted bad and inappropriate posts or pictures. This is the best way to clean up your social media accounts. Check the settings for social media tagging. Always select the tag after review or approve. This will enable you to know what posts you have been tagged to and you can easily untag yourself if it’s not necessary. Do not disable tagging entirely because being tagged to good posts is very much influential on your viewers in a positive way.

Bio –

The about us or the bio must be very catchy. Never leave it blank. Fill it up with the most interesting and professional words that will attract viewers.

Linking –

People surf between many social media platforms. You must provide them an option on which social media they want to view your business. So, provide links for your other social media accounts on each media account.

These are some handy tips that you can use to improve your business’s social media profile in less than an hour.